The ‘LAPT RETAIL’ creates skilled professionals ready to join emerging retail industry globally. The quality program available combined with the flexibility in the method of delivery & learning means the student can study in their home country and gain excess to the relevant British qualifications.
  • LAPT Certified Retail Executive
  • LAPT Certified Retail Supervisors
  • LAPT Certified Retail Manager
LAPT Certified Retail Executive
  • First position for most students entering retailing. Works under the supervision of Retail Supervisor/ Retail assistant Manager, leads to supervisor and Retail Manager Positions.
  • Assist in managing personnel, controlling inventory, and other retailing operations.
  • Handle customer in Retail Outlet & give complete explanation of Retail Product.
  • Enable customers to make proper choices. Handle minor complaints.
  • Stocks items & Sets up displays. Notes under stocked items, may also serve as cashier.
  • Keep inventory records and rotates stock.
LAPT Certified Retail Supervisors
  • Works under the Supervision of Retail Manager. Assist in managing personnel, controlling inventory and other Retail operations.
  • Helps implement merchandising strategies and policies.
  • Train sales personnel and orders supplies.
  • Select merchandise for inclusion in catalogue, works with vendors, monitors order fulfillment.
  • Oversees daily operations of computer facility. Generates appropriate sales report.
  • Responsible for Receiving, Checking, Making and Delivering merchandise; customer service
  • Responsible for departments merchandise displays, analyses merchandise flow. Responsible for the training and giving directions to sales staff.
LAPT Certified Retail Manager
  • Responsible for management personnel, sales generation, merchandise presentation, expense control and customer services in all retail outlets in the region.
  • Plans, manages and integrates buying for an entire merchandise division.
  • Manages number of Assistant Managers/Retail Supervisors in the Region.
  • Coordinates selling efforts among departments.
  • Responsible for developing and evaluating all of the merchandise categories for performance. Has direct accountability for growth and profit.
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining a retailers overall fashion perspective.