No one can deny the fact that in order to rise in his career a man has to be proficient in English without which his path to success would be blocked. English, indeed, has emerged as the language of the world and it is entirely imperative for anyone to learn it if he wants to grow in his life. Particularly in India its popularity has to be seen to believe. It would only be proper to state that it is even more spoken than Hindi – the National Language - of the country. The popularity of English in India is so comprehensive that the one who is not fluent in this language is not considered to be educated. It is for these very reasons that there are several institutes that offer spoken English language courses have come up in the country.

Particularly in Delhi there popularity has to be seen to believe. This explains the presence of so many English language course institutes in Delhi. However, when it comes to top class English language course institutes in Delhi then there is just one name that comes to mind. Indeed, Mahan India is one institute that enjoys maximum fan following in Delhi. Now the question that arises is that what is it that has made Mahan India such a sought after name in the field of English language course institute in Delhi.

Well there are a few points that come to mind straight away. Most important of which is the fact that it gives far more emphasis to practical knowledge. This results in more and more people dropping their inhibition and starting to speak fluent English. The students are asked to deliver speech in English in the topics provided to them. This drives from them the fear of speaking in front of a gathering and instills in them the confidence to express their opinion force fully in front of a congregation. The fee charged by the institute is also extremely reasonable.

All these reasons combine together to make Mahan India the most sought after English Language Course Institute in Delhi and if the popularity they enjoy is anything to go by then it can clearly be said that coming days would be even better for them.