One of the things that have completely revolutionized the world is the invention of computers. Today our reliance, particularly that of business world on computers is so much that one can hardly think of surviving if one does not have a fair understanding of this modern wizard. In fact as technology changes it is also mandatory that one keeps himself updating with the fickle technology so that one does not lag behind in life. It is for this very purpose that it is advised that one has some understanding of computers and ideally would have undergone some course so that one is not completely at see on joining any office.

It is for these very reasons that there are several institutes that have come up across India who offer learners and advanced level courses in computers. One city which has witnessed the upcoming of several institutes that offer beginners and advanced level courses is Delhi. However, despite the presence of several institutes that offer computer training there is one name that has constantly been rising on the popularity graph. Indeed, when it comes to learning computers, whether at beginners or advanced level, there is just one name that comes to mind – that of Mahan India. There are several reasons that have led to the popularity being enjoyed by this institute.

Most important of which is the fact that it is one of the rare institutes that has implemented Microsoft courses and offer complete training to its students. The highlight of the courses at Mahan India is that it is taught by faculties who have all excelled in their fields and who have considerable experience of teaching. The topics covered by the institute are discussed below.

MS Office
Eligibility: Familiarity with computers
Course Content: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point.

Eligibility: Knowledge of MS-Office.
Course Content: Access Basics, Working With Tables, Working with Data, Working with Queries, Creating Forms, Creating Reports.

Level 1-Basics
Eligibility: Knowledge of MS-Office.
Course Content: Excel Basics, Working with Data, Editing a Worksheet, Formatting a Worksheet, Page Setup & Printing, Formulas & Functions, Modifying Workbooks.

Level 2- Intermediate
Eligibility: Level 1
Course Content: Working with lists, Working with charts, Working with Graphics, Workgroup Collaborations, Financial & Logical Functions.

Level 3-Advance
Eligibility: Level 2
Course Content: Importing & Exporting Data, Formatting Numbers, Working with Ranges, Customizing Excel, Data Analysis Tools, Summarizing Data, What- If Data Analysis, Workgroup Collaborations.

The above description clearly illustrates that every aspect of Microsoft courses is included in the syllabus of Mahan India and a successful completion of the course would no doubt give candidates a definitive edge overt its rivals. No wonder then that both the institute and the course are extremely famous amongst people.